Picture Books for KS1

At our city moderation events last year, one of the key items for discussion seemed to be which books were effective for collecting reading evidence at Key Stage 1. So, inspired by Ashley Booth (reading guru), I’ve put together these summaries of books, which I have found to be great for sharing in year 2. Each section includes a book cover, brief synopsis, author/illustrator and twitter handle (in case your pupils fancy tweeting some reviews!), an extract, and a few recommendations of books along the same theme – these should prove useful if you’re trying to fulfil that “making link between books” ITAF statement.

Here’s an example:


Aside from hopefully being helpful in collecting evidence, I’ve picked books which I genuinely think are great stories and I’m hoping the brief synopses will inspire some ‘reading for pleasure’ in my class next year…

You can download all of them here:

Books for KS1

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 13.10.07

Of course, if you have any suggestion for great KS1 books, please add a comment!

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